Services for Government, NGO, and International Organization Programs

Lexpat’s Public Sector Services Division assists government agencies, international organizations, and NGOs with contract and grant programs.  In so doing, we provide our public sector clients with strategic, operational, and policy advice by developing comprehensive programs and advising clients on sensitive security, enforcement, legal, and capacity-building issues related to government and donor programs.

As advisors, we have helped numerous senior officials develop complex, multifaceted policies in dynamic and uncertain situations.  As strategists, we know how critical contexts such as history, geography, and politics can be to analyzing trends and planning for the future.  As operators, we recognize how grand policy goals might be disconnected from on-the-ground realities.  As lawyers, we embrace nuance and detail, and provide actionable options.  As programming experts, we drive sustainable change through targeted design, exceptional implementation, and robust monitoring and evaluation.  And as trainers, we understand that on many issues, trainers do not provide answers, but perspective.

Our expertise reaches beyond desk-bound advisory roles and into the field.  Our team members have not merely substantive but geographic expertise, having lived and worked in dozens of countries on five continents.  Mindful that law and security go hand-in-hand, Lexpat’s team builds customized, comprehensive development programs in several areas including:

Program Implementation

  • Peace and Security: Lexpat’s team features the full range of civil-military experience, including seasoned law enforcement, justice sector, development professionals, and military officers coming from both the conventional and special forces communities. Our expertise includes:
    • Conflict mitigation, including de-escalation and negotiations
    • Counterterrorism as a whole-of-government mission
    • Women, Peace, and Security
    • Crisis response, including disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, and pandemic response
    • Cyberspace operations
    • International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law
    • Security sector development, assistance, and reform
    • Use of force by law enforcement, military, or other security personnel
  • Democracy, Governance, and Rule of Law: Lexpat believes that true security coexists with liberty and derives from strong, credible, accountable institutions.  Toward that end, we offer a full range of services relating to:
    • Public rule of law buy-in and institutional credibility-building
    • Transitional justice, including post-conflict and after peaceful transitions of power
    • Countering violent extremism
    • Ethics and anti-corruption
    • Force professionalization
    • Human rights
    • Interagency cooperation and classification challenges
    • Legal and judicial reform
    • Battlefield evidence, and turning intelligence into evidence
    • Testimony preparation
    • Legislation development and reform
    • Privacy/GDPR
    • Training on, and when necessary conduct of, investigations, trial, and appellate litigation on peace and security issues
    • Maritime governance and enforcement capacity-building

Program Development and Administration

  • Program Design with Monitoring and Evaluation: Lexpat is equipped to design, monitor, and give evaluation guidance along the entire spectrum of our expertise.  Not only can we do it, but we will also teach you how to do it.  Our workshops include:
    • Program design best practices including use of logic models
    • Monitoring guides with how to measure outputs and outcomes of project goals and activities
    • Data quality and verification standards
    • When and how to start thinking about which programs to evaluate formally
    • Grants assistance, writing, and program management

The above services are provided in a variety of regions and operating environments.  For more information and to schedule a consultation, contact us at [email protected].