About Us

With extensive civilian and military experience in legal and policy leadership positions around the world, we are an international law and consulting services firm counseling public and private clients on matters related to in security, defense, investigations, compliance, risk management, and training.

Our team has experience working directly for such governmental and international organizations as:

Defense Institute of International Legal Studies
EU Satellite Centre
NATO Allied Command Staff Transformation – Europe
NATO Defence College
NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
Peace Corps
United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations
United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
United States Africa Command
United States Agency for International Development
United States Courts
United States Department of Defense
United States Department of Justice
United States Department of State
United States Marshals Service
United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence
White House Counsel’s Office
White House National Security Council

We have held high-level security clearances in many of these organizations.

Lexpat team members have language skills in: Azerbaijani, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish, and Russian.

Adam R. Pearlman
Founder, Senior Attorney, & Managing Director

Adam is the Founder and Managing Director of Lexpat Global Services.  He is a National Security Law expert and a proven senior leader with...

Colonel (Ret.) Jane Ellen Paschall
Co-Founder, Senior Attorney, & Chief Operating Officer

Jane Ellen is a Co-Founder and the Chief Operating Officer of Lexpat Global Services.  She has over 29 years of experience as a leader...

Nikoleta Chalanouli
Co-Founder, Senior Counsel & Lead International Consultant

Nikoleta is a Co-Founder of Lexpat Global Services, as well as its Senior Counsel and Lead International Consultant.  She is a dual-qualified lawyer with...

Andrew Borene
Of Counsel & Senior Consultant

Andrew Borene is Of Counsel & a Senior Consultant at Lexpat Global Services.  An on-demand resource to the firm, Andrew specializes in institutional capacity...

Rob “Butch” Bracknell

LTCOL Rob “Butch” Bracknell (USMC, Ret.) is an Attorney-Consultant with Lexpat Global Services.  He is an international security, innovation, technology and public p

Nathan Charles
Senior Attorney-Consultant

Nathan “Nate” M. F. Charles is Of Counsel and Senior Security & Justice Consultant for Lexpat Global Services, the founding principal of Charles Legal...

Michael Mullaney
Senior Attorney-Consultant

Michael J. Mullaney is a Senior Attorney-Consultant for Lexpat Global Services, providing expertise in counterterrorism, anti-money laundering, and anti-corruption matter

Joe Orenstein
Senior Counsel & Lead Security Cooperation Consultant

Joseph (“Joe”) N. Orenstein is a Senior Counsel and the Lead Security Cooperation Consultant at Lexpat Global Services.  He specializes in institutional capacity bui

Arthur Traldi
Senior Attorney-Consultant

Arthur Traldi is a Senior Attorney-Consultant at Lexpat Global Services.  An international litigator, Arthur provides consulting services on legal capacity-building, rul

Kurt Donnelly
Senior Consultant for Policy, Security, and Risk

Kurt D. Donnelly is a Senior Consultant for Policy, Security, and Risk, and the Energy and Climate Lead for Lexpat Global Services.  He is...

Donald Cinnamond
Senior Consultant for Judicial and Court Administration

Col. (Ret.) Donald M. Cinnamond is Lexpat’s Senior Consultant for Judicial and Court Administration.  He brings 30 years of senior leadership experience as in...

Dianna English
Senior Consultant for Policy and Programs

Dianna H. English is a Senior Consultant for Policy and Programs at Lexpat Global Services. She is an experienced foreign policy professional with over...

Paul Hickman
Senior Law Enforcement Consultant

Paul Hickman is the Senior Law Enforcement Consultant at Lexpat Global Services.  He brings nearly thirty-five years of experience as a distinguished and decorated...

Joan Hodge
Senior Consultant for Global Risk, Programs, & Monitoring

Joan is a Senior Consultant for Global Risk, Programs, and Monitoring with Lexpat Global Services. She works with clients on issues concerning geopolitical risk,...

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