EFM Opportunities

EFM-owned firm seeking EFMs and Military Spouses

Lexpat Global Services, LLC, is a fully-remote law and consulting firm launched shortly before the pandemic by two State Department ‘Eligible Family Members’ (EFMs) and a NATO spouse.  The idea was simple enough: we wanted to create a platform from which we could continue our professions from anywhere in the world, and that also would value – not merely accommodate – the incredible experience and perspective we’ve gained from living and working in countries around the globe.  The ability to work remotely wouldn’t be merely tolerated or considered a “benefit” to people who work with us – rather, it is baked into the culture of the firm, whose founders also recognize the particular needs for flexibility among the EFM and military spouse communities.  Our story has been the topic of an episode of the Available Worldwide podcast.

Four years into our entrepreneurial journey, we’ve grown rapidly and organically from our three co-founders to a core team of more than a dozen attorneys and consultants working on projects for government grants, government contracts, and private sector clients.  The services we provide cut across sectors.  True to our founders’ dedication to public service, we offer public sector organizations (government agencies, international organizations, and NGOs) support with program development and administration, in addition to providing subject matter expertise implementing programs related to peace and security, and democracy, governance, and rule of law.  Our private advisory and representation practice includes risk assessment and management; international transactions and investment consulting; investigations, litigation, and compliance; and strategic reviews, assessments, and planning.  We also feature niche capabilities in international institutional law and the maritime sector.  Our early successes earned Lexpat the recognition of being included on the 2023 Bruin Business 100 list.

We know the value that EFMs and military spouses can bring to any business, and we are working hard to make sure our growth comes with opportunities to work and partner with more of our fellow public service spouses.  Consider this post to be a standing invitation to the vast talent pool of the military spouse and EFM communities to reach out to us to see what opportunities we might be able to develop together.  Right now, we’re particularly interested in people with backgrounds and skills in:

  • Bookkeeping (especially with knowledge of DCAA compliance or law office practices);
  • Program design, monitoring, and evaluation;
  • Government procurement and grants/contracting/program management experience;
  • Cyber security policy;
  • Law office management; and
  • Security cooperation

We also are always happy to expand our network of legal, rule of law (including democracy and governance, security and judicial sector reform), civil-military affairs, investigations, compliance, and business risk experts, and are eager to partner with other EFM- and military spouse-owned businesses in mutually beneficial ways.  And although we do not yet have a formal, structured internship program, we have hosted a part-time intern before and would consider doing so again.

If you have any of the skills above, and the discipline to work remotely, we’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].  And if you are interested in learning more about some of the things we’ve been up to, check out our News page, and follow us on LinkedIn.